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Our Process

Our Process

At TSP we take pride in our reconditioning process.  Our units come out of the shop in a Ready to Work, 'like new' condition so that you can have full confidence in your purchase.  We label this process TSP Guaranteed because we guarantee you will be happy with your purchase or we will make it right.  We also have plenty of units in our stock that can be purchased with out the TSP Guaranteed label.  Maybe you have the capabilities in your shop to recondition a unit or maybe you need a budget buy.  Whatever your needs are we can accommodate.  Please see below for our process.

Receipt Condition Reports

When a unit is first received into our inventory we do an initial receipt condition report.  This inspection allows us to get information and pictures on the website immediately before the reconditioning process starts.  All inventory that has not started the reconditioned process is considered Pre-Owned.  


Our pre-owned inventory is equipment that has not started our reconditioning process.  This inventory is priced at a lower price to you because the recondition work has not been completed.  This inventory is in good shape but needs a little TLC.  It can be purchased in the pre-owned state or for a little more can be guaranteed through our reconditioning process.

Reconditioning Process 

Once our units start the reconditioning process, they go through an extremely thorough assessment.  We check engine, electrical, hydraulics, cutting units, general operation and more.

After this assessment is completed, parts are ordered and installed.  Once the installation is finished, a mechanical inspection of the unit is done by one of our most seasoned technicians (over 60 years experience between the two).  Once the unit has passed mechanical inspection, it goes into detail and has every inch of its body brought back to a like new shine.  Following detail, a final inspection is completed and the unit is labeled TSP Guaranteed.  Read more about our TSP Guarantee here.

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