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TSP Guarantee (Warranty)

TSP Guaranteed...Our Guarantee to You

TSP is proud to offer a 6 month warranty on all TSP Guaranteed inventory.  This inventory has gone through our stringent reconditioning process and is Ready to Work in a 'like new' state.  This warranty includes the engine/motor, power transmission components, final drive assemblies, and "wheel motors". OEM Parts, labor and transportation will be provided by TSP Turf for covered repairs. There is no coverage or reimbursement for services provided by other parties.

Excluded components and repairs include all normal wear and / or maintenance items such as, but not limited to: filters, tires, batteries, belts, hoses, brake linings, blades, bearings and seats. Additionally, there is no coverage resulting from accidents or other causes of physical damage that are not due to a mechanical breakdown. Cosmetic repairs to sheet metal, molding, glass, paint, seat covers, and fabrics are also excluded from coverage.

End user is responsible for performing physical inspections and maintenance as outlined in the operator's manual. Examples of this include daily inspections of fluids, lubricants, and coolants. The TSP Guarantee warranty does not cover damage from abuse, misuse, or improper maintenance. Our limited warranty on pre-owned equipment is valid 6 months from date of delivery. Claims must be made within the active warranty period. The TSP Guarantee warranties are non-transferable.

The TSP Guarantee can only be administered in areas that TSP has a service presence.  Currently that is North and South Carolina.  You are still more than welcome to purchase a TSP Guaranteed unit outside of North and South Carolina and you will receive a Ready to Work unit that has gone through our same stringent reconditioning process, however the unit will not have a warranty.


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