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Used Turf Equipment For Golf Courses

Why Buy from TSP?

TSP sells used golf course equipment; we like to think of ourselves as a one-stop shop for everything that the professionally maintained golf course might need to keep its turf in pristine condition. Our selection of used golf course equipment includes everything from used Jacobsen mowers to other types of used golf course maintenance equipment. Our used golf course equipment for sale will keep your green in the finest possible shape—TSP guaranteed. With that kind of a deal, there’s no reason to even consider buying from anyone else: TSP maintains one of the finest reputations in the industry.

We Sell Used Golf Course Maintenance Equipment Refurbished

Our process for refurbishing used golf mowers and other golf course equipment begins when a piece arrives at our facility. At that time, we do a detailed assessment of an item’s existing condition. We buy used golf machinery in a variety of conditions; some of what we receive is in virtually pristine condition. Other items are decidedly less than perfect shape—but we have the experience, the training, and the expertise that is necessary to fix them up so that they’re good as new. Many of our refurbished pieces last our clients through years of regular use, regardless of their condition when we first got our hands on them.

Why Would Golf Courses Sell Their Used Golf Course Turf Equipment in Fine Condition?

The need for an upgrade to handle higher capacity work, the release of a hot new top-shelf piece of golf course equipment, and other factors will often compel golf course management to let go of a perfectly serviceable piece of golf course machinery for far less than what it’s worth. Much like a homeowner with a broken-down washing machine or dishwasher, golf course management will often make the decision to simply sell a piece of malfunctioning equipment instead of investing in repairs.

Do All of Our Used Golf Course Mowers for Sale Arrive in Great Shape?

At TSP, we purchase used golf course Jacobsen turf equipment and other maintenance items regardless of its condition. Some of the pieces we receive are badly damaged and broken down. While maintenance staff may, on occasion, exaggerate the condition of a damaged item in the hopes that management will simply purchase something new, the fact is that there are states of disrepair with which they are ill-suited to contend. Anything more than minor to modest repairs conducted on-site by golf course staff or contracted maintenance is often little more than duct tape and WD-40. TSP is uniquely equipped to take this level of disrepair and malfunction, and transform an item—purchased for pennies on the dollar—into a wholly functional vision of its original self. Then, we pass the savings on to our clients, who get a bargain deal on a high-quality piece of functional and efficient used golf course equipment.

ProTip: What to Look for in Refurbished Golf Course Maintenance Equipment

Regardless of who you buy from in order to keep your golf course healthy, attractive, and well-maintained, there are a few points which ought to be kept in mind in order to ensure that your new purchase is as reliable as it is affordable. Too many dealers will take in used golf course equipment in need of some repair, and do little more than make sure that it starts up when it’s turned on.

  • A thorough process. Your supplier needs to maintain a thoroughly documented process, from the moment they acquire a piece until the item is completely refurbished and sold. As a buyer, you deserve to know what condition an item was in when it came into the shop, and whether or not it was in working order at that time. You also deserve to know what was done by way of restoring it to working condition, if necessary. 
  • Transparency of operation. It’s not enough that a shop claim to have a thorough and well-documented process. What good is that, if you can’t lay eyes on the images or written descriptions of an item at various points from acquisition to final sale? Your supplier needs to maintain transparency of operation. Their business practices need to be not only clearly stated, but out in the open. A supplier of used golf cart machinery for sale makes thousands of dollars off of selling items that are advertised as being like new; you deserve to know that that’s true.
  • A well-established reputation. A supplier of refurbished Jacobsen equipment and other used golf course maintenance machinery doesn’t just spring up overnight. They employ experienced professional golf course maintenance mechanics—people who are capable of pulling off feats of repair and refurbishing that your average mechanic is unqualified to perform. This kind of staffing brings with it a certain reputation for quality and excellence. You will always be better off dealing with a well-established firm that is known to stand by the like-new quality of its pieces.
  • Affordable purchases. Used machinery of any kind which has been bought as-is and refurbished for resale is meant to function like new, but for a fraction of the price of an actual new purchase that’s fresh off of the assembly line. Some less than scrupulous dealers will try to get away with selling like-new quality for brand-new prices. Their quality may or may not be up to par; that isn’t the point. The point is that even marketing an item like this at such a price is disingenuous. A reputable firm passes a substantial portion of its savings on to its customers. As excellent and high-quality as the work may be, a “like-new” piece of used golf course equipment still isn’t brand new.
  • An explicitly stated warranty—and a guarantee. You deserve the best that your money can buy, affordable or not. It’s all well and good for a firm to have a well-established reputation, and to maintain all of the testimonials that a substantially satisfied existing clientele has to offer. What speaks the most for a firm like this, however, is a warranty statement—along with a personal guarantee. Ultimately, the people who buy, repair, and sell used maintenance equipment need to stand by the quality that they offer. This, coupled with genuine transparency, shows that they care about the quality they’re affording you.

Our Used Golf Course Machinery Refurbishing Process

Our process is more than just completely thorough and meticulously detailed, so that you wind up with a reliable, working, “just like new” piece of used golf course equipment to help keep your green in peak condition for your players. It’s also thoroughly transparent. There are no surprises involved in the TSP process, and nothing is kept hidden from our clients. That way, you know where your like-new item of used golf course maintenance equipment has been at every step of the restoration process.

We Document Everything with our Receipt Condition Reports

The first step of reconditioning involves written and photographic documentation of the condition of a piece which has just arrived in our shop. By doing this right away, we can start to document the entire refurbishing process for an item of used golf course equipment online. As part of our process of complete honesty and transparency, you can look at our website and see our newly acquired pieces of used golf course machinery for yourself. You’d best act fast, of course; we turn products around quickly. Our regular customers are familiar with our process, and our reputation speaks for itself as to the quality of our work. We’re often able to move a new piece in just days!

All Used Golf Course Machinery is Pre-Owned Until Refurbishment

Until a new acquisition has begun the process of being restored to like-new status, it is still considered to be a pre-owned item. All used golf course machinery for sale on the website is listed with pre-owned status until we start working on it. From there, the process of restoration to pristine working order is extremely detailed. When a working piece is listed on the site as pre-owned, we offer it for sale at a lower price. If you have a maintenance team or a reliable maintenance contractor who knows a thing or two about golf course green mowers and other golf course maintenance machinery, you can purchase pre-owned equipment off of our website which has yet to enter into the refurbishing process. This equipment is guaranteed to be in working order, but is in need of a little extra care and attention. With some effort, a skilled maintenance team can do all the work that we would normally do, resulting in a pristine piece of virtually like-new used golf course equipment at an absolute bargain price—pre-inspected, and guaranteed to function as it was meant to.

Our Process Makes Used Golf Course Equipment Look and Work Like New

Once we get started with repairs and refurbishing, we do a much more thorough inspection of our newly acquired piece. Everything is inspected; we don’t leave any stone unturned or switch un-examined in our mission to make sure that what you purchase from TSP is in the best possible condition. In fact, if we can’t repair something completely—that is, if we can’t refurbish a piece of used golf course equipment to the point where it functions like it just came off the assembly line? We won’t offer it as a fully refurbished item. You’ll get it available even more affordably, as a pre-owned item, so that there’s no misunderstanding: the machinery works, just not as well as we’d like it to.

ProTip: What Do We Check When We Refurbish Used Golf Course Equipment?

Here is a list of the major areas of inspection with which we’re concerned when we examine a newly acquired piece of used golf course maintenance machinery. These areas represent the most complicated aspects of any functional machine. They have the most moving parts, they undergo the most stress, and they’re the most delicately balanced pieces of the puzzle. If there is a problem, ninety-nine percent of the time, it will be located in one of these areas. By inspecting all of the major problem areas upfront, we can be certain that we’ve crossed all our t’s and dotted all our i’s. We are able to identify and narrow down any performance issues which led to the item being discarded or sold off in the first place, whereupon we’re able to fix them. Not only that, but sometimes—more often than not—we’re able to identify likely future points of stress or breakage. Such issues can then be corrected before they become serious problems. We’re frequently able to pick up on growing concerns that an item’s previous owners weren’t even aware of!

Our areas of primary concern include the following:

  • The engine. Used golf equipment frequently manifests engine trouble. These are items which see a lot of regular use over a large and sprawling landscape. Even items which are manufactured to endure industrial-level stress factors will eventually fail. Our team will repair a damaged motor where possible, or replace it completely as necessary, depending upon the expense of the repair and the reliability of the final product. Ultimately, if it is needed to ensure an item that will continue to function to our expected standards of TSP quality, the engine will be replaced.
  • Electrical components. A machine’s electrical system isn’t always the culprit when it comes to an unexpected failure, but when it is, the piece simply won’t function at all. Nothing in this modern day and age runs without power! That being said, electrical failures are one of the most overstated problems in any field of repair or maintenance. Electrical components are an easy replacement, but many owners of golf course machinery and other electrical appliances will simply get rid of them. The assumption that “it’s more economical to replace an item” is all too widely adhered to. We’ve seen perfectly functional equipment discarded—not even resold or recycled, simply cast aside—over what should have been five dollar repairs. That’s in no way an exaggeration, but it works to your benefit when you get the finished item at our low rates!
  • Hydraulic components. Hydraulics are really poorly understood, even my many otherwise skilled mechanics. A specialty all its own, hydraulic components include relatively fragile items such as exposed rubber hoses and tight rubber seals. If one of these items breaks or is damaged, you’ve got a catastrophic malfunction and loss of efficiency at best. At the worst, your maintenance equipment won’t work anymore. Like electrical components, however, these are relatively simple problems to diagnose and repair, at the end of which you’re left with a perfectly functional piece of used golf equipment.
  • Blades and cutting units. These are some of the touchier repairs that we see roll on into our shop. Sometimes, a blade simply needs to be sharpened, but it may also be warped out of shape. The entire cutting unit may also be misaligned, warped, or otherwise damaged beyond safe or effective use. People are understandably nervous about affecting repairs on blades and cutting units, but we have the expertise to fix existing units—or to install new ones, when and if it proves necessary. Either way, you wind up with an efficient, professionally repaired machine with no further problems, available to you at a fraction of the cost of a brand-new item of golf course maintenance equipment.
  • General operation, where it all comes together. Individual systems are one thing. Like any piece of heavy machinery—or like the human body, for that matter! —individual systems don’t mean an awful lot without the integrity of the whole. We check switches, controls, power supplies, and other connections to ensure that the used piece of golf course equipment that you buy is worth everything you spend on it (and then some). We want to make absolutely sure that you come away from our shop with a real bargain, one that continues to serve you admirably on your own golf course for years to come. That way, with any luck, you’ll think of us again—the next time you need another piece of used golf maintenance machinery to help maintain your greens, sand traps, fairways, and all the rest!

Need Something Like New? Got a Question? Let Us Know!

We’ve said an awful lot about the level of quality that we provide at TSP, but the beauty of it all is that you don’t have to take our word for it. TSP offers more than a money-back guarantee, and a generous, industry-leading warranty. We offer valuable content, including a newsletter and blog containing lots of useful information pertaining directly to the care and maintenance of your pre-owned and like-new used golf course equipment. We offer helpful tips to ensure that the work for which you pay us subsequently pays for itself, many times over, by advising you on how best to prolong and extend the lifespan of your machinery. We also offer images and written descriptions on our website showing every step of our refurbishment process. If you have a particular need for a specific item of used golf equipment or machinery, don’t hesitate to let us know! In fact, we’d love to hear from you, regardless of the nature of your inquiry. Use our handy web-based contact form to send us a message, and a courteous and professional member of our team will respond to your query as quickly as possible. Don’t wait any longer than you have to; there’s no obligation to buy, and your golf course deserves the very best equipment that you can possibly obtain! Drop us a line today!

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